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The Jarvis Model 525-TBC -- pneumatically powered cutter for cutting beef tongue bones.

•Ideal for cutting the hyoid bone - in all size kills.
•Reduces operator fatigue caused by tongue bone clipping with hand shears.
•Lightweight and small for maneuverability.
•Cuts accurately and quickly - no bone splinters.
•Robust and durable construction for long, trouble-free life.
•Anti-tie down controls for operator safety.

Model 525-TBC
Operating Pressure
90 psi
6.2 bar
Air Consumption (per cycle)
0.128 ft³
3.6 L
Cutting Force
657 lbf
2.9 kN
Cutting Cycle Time
0.69 sec / cycle   1.45 cycles / sec
Control Handle
Pneumatic Dual Anti-tie Down
Blade Opening
  At Tips
0.875 in
22 mm
1.125 in
29 mm
Overall Length
13 in
330 mm
8.4 lbs
3.8 kg